How I Do What I Do

Chiropractic Modalities

Chiropractic, like other healing modalities, has many different types and styles. I’ve experienced everything from very rough and aggressive adjustments to treatments so gentle the doctor was barely touching me. Many patients ask which technique is best. All adjustment styles can be good. The key is to find a chiropractor who is very good at their style. In other words, if the practitioner is good and loves what they do and that style jives with you and relieves your symptoms, then it’s probably a good fit.

In my practice I use more gentle techniques. I use Activator, Percussor, Adjuster, SOT blocks, Drop Table technique and other healing techniques. Although I can do the “twisting and popping” adjustment when requested, I prefer to use the other techniques first.
Don’t be afraid to ask your chiropractor to try a different approach or technique. Not everyone is going to like or respond well to one type of adjusting style. For example, I respond really well to SOT and drop tables and not so well to diversified (where you lie on your side and twist your back). Diversified technique ‘feels good’ but it doesn’t hold very long with me.
I’ve noticed from my patients’ response to gentle adjustments that they do not fear treatment like some do with other chiropractors’ more forceful techniques. My patients feel safe and can relax the entire visit because they know if they request ‘no popping’ I won’t twist and crack their back or neck.
Auto Accident Treatment
Many people who are injured in auto accidents prefer no popping or twisting because they just suffered a whiplash injury. After an acute injury, twisting and popping are not appealing. Like other injuries, whiplash responds very well to my style of chiropractic.  Many people do not understand that when injured in a car accident, most of the time they can receive treatment without any out-of-pocket expense.
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