Nutrition 101

Nutrition is a popular topic among health enthusiasts but not everybody is on the same page. Nutrition typically would come from the foods you ate and that was sufficient years ago. It is a different picture today.

Most people don’t eat healthy enough to begin with and even if you do eat super healthy, the foods today don’t pack the same nutritional potency as the food decades ago. Another often overlooked issue that is common is nutritional deficiencies.

These nutritional deficiencies are common with leaky gut, irritable bowel syndrome and other digestive issues. One reason is because the absorption is diminished in these conditions.

Some experts say that one cannot eat their way out of a nutritional deficiency. Not only are these deficiencies common, there are also genetic snips or mutations that require more or a higher quality of supplements than others. B vitamins are among these.

For example, most multivitamin or B complex vitamins have cyanocobalamin as their B12 (which is synthetic) and is more difficult for the body to process and use. Similarly, B9 or Folate is most commonly found as Folic Acid (also synthetic) and more difficult to process. The better form of B9 or Folate is methylfolate, the better form of B12 is methylcobalamin.

Many people can tell the difference almost immediately when taking them. These are just a couple of examples of what is common in the supplement world vs what is actually the most beneficial for you.

At our clinic we offer these high quality supplements and also a blood panel to look at possible nutritional deficiencies you may have that your doctor may not have been trained to identify these.

For more information about your specific needs and more nutritional advice for you specifically feel free to contact us at 435-275-8888.  I look forward to meeting you and addressing your specific nutritional needs.


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