Why I Do What I Do

Hello, Dr Jared Taylor here. I wanted to start off by telling my story about chiropractic and my health journey. This insight may explain further posts regarding my experience with health and wellness.

First, let me tell you a little bit about myself. I have been practicing chiropractic for 15 years. I graduated from Parker University in Dallas, Texas in 2004. During my schooling I injured my wrist adjusting patients and naturally gravitated towards less stressful adjusting techniques. Today I still use these more gentle techniques because I learned that the vast majority of my patients respond best to this style of Chiropractic.

To achieve exceptional results, I use Activator, the Adjuster, Percussor and different forms of Diversified and Thompson/SOT techniques to adjust my patients. These are gentle and effective. Most patients are surprised at how much relief they feel without the typical aggressive adjustments they are used to with other chiropractors.

As a teenager growing up, I injured my back and went to a chiropractor. I was skeptical at first but realized how much better I was feeling and kept maintaining my adjustments to continue to improve my health. This is what motivated me to become a chiropractor.

Today, I have helped tens of thousands of patients get relief from headaches to autoimmune conditions. No two patients are alike and I love the challenge of figuring out each individual’s unique health dilemma.

I will talk more about other symptoms I treat in future posts but some of the other areas I am educated and trained in include: Chiropractic, Acupuncture, NAET, Spinal Decompression/Traction techniques, Muscle work, Physical Therapy, Functional Medicine, Nutrition etc.

I am looking forward to helping you get out of pain or address other conditions mentioned above!

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