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Auto Accidents
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Knee Pain
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Spinal Decompression

Auto Accidents

Car accidents are shocking. Even if you can compartmentalize the trauma while you’re taking care of business, the physical and emotional scars often stay with you for a long time afterward.

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Knee Pain

Living with knee pain may be common for many people, but it is not normal. We can help you eliminate or reduce knee pain without surgery!

Spinal Decompression

Back pain is often caused by compression of the disc. Surgery is typically recommended to relieve the pressure. Our Spinal Decompression table has helped many people eliminate their back pain without surgery!

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Greg A

I came to Dr. Taylor's office with major back spasms, a bulging disk, and just in sever pain. He has been amazing with me in the last few weeks. With his help, and me following his advice with stretches and ice packs, heat treatments, and soaking my back with epson salt. I am now able to get dressed, sit up from sleeping with virtually no pain. I am thankful to him, Jesus Christ with getting me back to doing those things i couldn't do three weeks ago. His staff is also amazing, helpful and very friendly.

Aaron A

I met with Dr. Taylor and he went through a plan that benefited me not him. Having seen many Chiropractors, I can honestly say this is the best clinic experience I have ever had. I strongly recommend them to anyone, they are the best!

Tristin S

Dr. Taylor did an excellent job on me! I've had chronic pain in my lower back for YEARS. I was always scared to see a chiropractor because of cost and I also didn't want to be popped and hurt. Dr. Taylor was very gentle with me and talked me through my insecurities with treatment. I was being a big baby and he was SUPER patient with me. Dr. Taylor also does acupuncture if that is something you are looking for. When you go in, they will give you a free consultation to understand your specific needs and treatment is very affordable! I feel better than I have in years. Thank you so much!!

Cliff C

Doc Taylor ROCKS! He help my son ,my mom and myself with back pain. He is a specialist at reading blood charts and looking between the numbers to really find what is wrong! He always works with his patients to get the best treatment for the best $

Logan M

Dr Taylor is professional and still able to explain things in a simple-to-understand way. The entire clinic is inviting and great at same day call appointments. Highly recommend

Amber P

I was referred to Dr Taylor through an acquaintance. I was in excruciating pain in my lower back. His staff quickly got me in for an appointment, they were professional and accommodating. I found Dr.Taylor was super informative, professional and helped me through each of my treatments. With my condition I will need ongoing treatment and am happy to continue here. I highly recommend.

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