Get to know us through our patients. We have been able to help many people improve their lives and health.

Muchos clientes afirman que han mejorado su salud en la Clínica Chiropractic. Puedan ver que Doctor Taylor, y sus asistentes saben como tratar sus pacientes y como guiarles hacia la salud.


Kole – I was injured in an accident and because I’d heard good things about Chiropractic Clinic Plus, I decided to visit them. After treating me for a few weeks and I feel much better. I feel like my body is healing correctly, and more quickly with the treatments and specific attention I am receiving. The office manager is very friendly and helpful.

Mary – I always wanted to lower my marathon time. My friends told me to visit Chiropractic Clinic Plus. I received an adjustment before and after my competitions. Now my running time is better and my body feels great.

Sandra – My back and hips were bothering me. My pain was super strong and a friend of mine recommended this clinic to me. I didn’t know what to expect from a chiropractor, but I’m so impressed. Chiropractic Clinic Plus gave me an exercise routine to help my back and I feel much better.

María – Yo estaba buscando un buen lugar para tratar todo mi lado izquierdo porque se me chocaron en un acidente. Encontre Clínica Chiropractic, donde Paola me habla en Español y Doctor Taylor me ayuda a sanar con varios tratamientos para el dolor. Siento mucho mejor con la atención que recibo de Clínica Chiropractic.

Shay – I have had a pretty permanent headache for about 15years. He took the time to ask questions and after a neck work and some homework I was headache free in a couple of days it was crazy. I have gone in to have a vertebrae that was severely out of place and causing a lot of pain popped back into place no pain. I seriously have recommended this place to anyone and everyone I know.